Friday, 31 July 2015

Time for the off

We are lucky to be going on holiday again. Lucky to be going away at the exact time we need it. He is like a coiled spring and my head is so full of work, kids, health, house repairs, horses and the everyday - we need a little break.

We are all off to Romania to walk with donkeys.

We will walk in the Carpathian Mountains, with donkeys carrying our basic needs, up to 20km a day, trundling from farmhouse to farmhouse. There may be bears, there may be fierce mountain dogs protecting their sheep, there may be blisters and moaning, there may be hunger and winging but there will be space.

There will space to stretch our eyes, silence only for nature, walking with purpose to exercise those tired cramped muscles, there will be a mind able to wander, to glory in the now. From farmhouse to farmhouse, walking with donkeys, for 12 whole days with nearly nothing in my head.

See you on our return xx

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Fringe benefits

She had been asking for weeks. Can I get a fringe? She had been practising in the mirror, making a fringe out of her pony tail, staring at herself coquettishly, this way and that - deciding that a fringe would suit her very well indeed.

It changed her face entirely, her mannerisms and the view of herself. My baby girl is growing up.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Start of the holidays

A beautiful evening and the beach beckoned. Lets run to the sea when school is out. Six glorious weeks starting with paddling, rock finding, fish n chips and a strong glass of Pimms. The kids squealed, the parents sighed with relief and apprehension, the seagulls circled hoping for a something fried and I revelled in the now.

It's the best time of the year.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Cherries and chips

I cannot wait for the end of term.

It's been a whirlwind of sports day, the school performance, last assembly and leavers assembly (I missed both), open afternoon, school trips, school fundraisers, cake sale after bloody cake sale, school reports and a good old dose of the nits.

We squoze P's birthday in to all the chaos. An afternoon of cherry picking with friends amongst the idyllic Sussex countryside, followed by a pub meal and beers for us lot. It was a glorious summer evening, the kids sweaty with play and filth, and hyper with E-numbers and over stimulation. P enjoyed her day, her cake and presents. I allowed myself a brief look back at her entrance to the world, remembering the good bits and the funny bits - choosing to ignore the carnage.

Lovely little P, a big grown up seven year old now. Knowing your own mind and telling us how it is. I can't wait to have you back for six long, fun-filled, fabulous weeks when we can get to know each other again. A time when we can both realign ourselves with no rules restricting our discoveries.

I cannot wait for the end of term.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Kent County Show

We'd been building up to this for quite a while, training Dexter to walk and trot nicely and to stand like a good boy while the judge judges. We had bathed him three times, brushed through his mane and tail, oiled his feet and trimmed his face. We had manically run around Kent and Sussex as well as trawling eBay to collect the outfit necessary to take him to the competition. A strange tradition of tweeds and Victorian looking collars, culottes and navy tights - all to show Dexter off as a pony capable of teaching a small child to ride.

We had never done anything quite like this before, let alone at county level. P was silent as we dressed her in her finery, her quietness betraying her nerves. Dexter dozed in the hot sun as we waited to enter the ring, the woollen scratchiness of the tweed irritated my head and the heat of the day made our outfits hot and heavy. Fourteen ponies, their riders and leaders all entered the ring hoping for a rosette.

I have no idea what the judge was looking for but I know that Dexter behaved himself impeccably, P rode beuatifully and we all had a brilliant time.

We were 11th out of the fourteen, nowhere near the top but the judge gave us a consolation rosette anyway.

"I came 'special' " P exclaimed excitedly - yes my lovely, you came 'special' and a very proud mama I am too.